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Javascript is required to use our Traffic School course. Click below to view information on how to enable javascript in your browser:

How to Enable For Internet Explorer (versions 5.0 and 6.0)

How To Enable for Mozilla Firefox

How To Enable for Safari

How To Enable for Opera

If you do not enable javascript you will not be able to continue this course.
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Enabling JavaScript in Internet Explorer (versions 5.0 and 6.0):

From the menu bar, choose Tools, select Internet Options,

Internet Explorer's Tool menu with the Internet Options link

Select the Security tab, and then choose the Custom Level button.

Internet Explorer's Interenet Options Security tab

Find Scripting and select Enable.

Internet Explorer's Security Settings with Scriptng Enabled


Enabling JavaScript in Firefox:

From the menu bar, choose Tools, select Options,


Select the Content tab, and then choose the Enable JavaScript checkbox.



Enabling JavaScript in Safari:

Select “Preferences” from your Safari menu


Go to the “Security” section, and check “Enable JavaScript“.



Enabling JavaScript in Opera:

Click Tools and Select “Preferences”


Go to the “Advanced” tab, Select “Content” on the left, and Check “Enable JavaScript